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Welcome to Service Pro Lock, a place that keeps your business safe and secure. We understand that it takes time to build a fortune, and you want to keep it safe from the bad guys. In all those times, you need Commercial Locksmith in Dunedin. Whether you are worried about your business outlet, store, or shop, we are there to help you. We offer reliable locksmith services from installation to rekeying; you name it, we have it.


With twenty years of expertise, Service Pro Lock is a widely known name that is intact in this business due to word of mouth. Our top-notch customer satisfaction services include quick assistance during emergency lockouts, lock change, service, installation, ACS, and a lot more for affordable prices. Our team of professionals quickly diagnose the problem, fix it and makes it look like a small issue. There is no need to panic when our Commercial Locksmith Services are around.

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When Do You Need Commercial Locksmith Services?

Most people search Commercial Locksmith near me when the issue can’t be resolved with DIYs. In most times, the issues are:

  • Office or Building Lockouts: Lost the office or building key somewhere and you can’t find it after lots of effort? Worry not! Our Business Locksmith Services are ready to assist you 27/7. Office and building lockouts are common and these places are have high-tech locks which make it hard for a layman to get inside. Thus, our experts will help you unlock a building or office lockout.
  • Lock Installation, Repair, and Replacement: Looking forward to replacing an old broken lock with a new one or want to get it repaired? Our professional locksmith will do that for you in minutes. Quick lock installation services are handy for those businesses that are in operation 24 hours and don’t get time for maintenance.
  • Key Duplication and Master Key Systems: Every lock comes with a spare key, but sometimes you need it for office staff members, security maintenance team and others. In some cases, people lose their original office key or can’t find it even after so many efforts. The only option remaining in this situation is to change the lock because you are not sure who really has the key or duplicate the original one with the help of our Commercial Locksmith in Dunedin. Our professional locksmith focus on creating a copy or new key with high-quality material and they can also assist if you want to change the lock.
  • Access Control Systems: With the increasing need for advanced security measures, our access control systems provide an extra layer of protection for your property. We understand that security is a top priority, and our systems are designed to keep unauthorized individuals out while allowing easy access for authorized personnel.
  • High-Security Locks and Hardware: Do you want to install a high-security lock and hardware system in your new office but not sure what to opt for? No need to worry because we have the experts for that as well. We are installing high-security locks for years that not only protect your business from bad guys but also offer you peace of mind. There is no need to worry when you have us.
  • Safe Installation and Combination Changes: Last but not least is safe installation and combination change. Businesses have lots of confidential documents, and some ongoing cash to store. The eagle eye of bad guys can make any business owner feel miserable. But, timely combination change or installing a robust safe can eliminate all the stress. We can provide proper assistance from getting the right safe to the strongest combination of choice.

Alongside these services, we are masters at many other jobs that make our clients feel satisfied with our job. Most locksmiths do their work but lack work ethics and that’s where we stand out for being ethical, 24-hour commercial locksmiths and dedicated.

Commercial Locksmith 24x7 at Duty

Do you know what makes us different from others? We are truly a 24×7 commercial locksmith company. Our services are available throughout the day and night, seven days a week and you are just one call away.

When you contact us with your issue about building lockout, or new lock system installation, we immediately reach to your location quickly. Our experts believe in customer satisfaction and at the same time, we also believe in keeping the surroundings safe. Thus, we ask for a valid identity cards (driving license or bill to verify ownership and confirm it’s your property). All this takes less than a few seconds and you are good to go for our commercial lockout service.
Losing keys or needing duplicates is a common occurrence in commercial settings. Our locksmiths are proficient in creating new keys or duplicating existing ones, allowing you to maintain access control efficiently and effectively. We use advanced key-cutting techniques and high-quality materials to ensure precision and durability. Thus, you don’t need to panic anymore with us.

Why Should You Hire Service Pro Locksmith for Commercial Locksmith Services in Dunedin?

Service Pro Lock has a motto, instant locksmith service. Our licensed professionals go through background checks before getting into a job. We work with ethics and our goal is to provide the best at the lowest prices. Still, here are some additional reasons to hire Service Pro Locksmith when searching for Commercial Locksmith in Dunedin.

  • Highly Skilled Professionals equipped with the latest and greatest gear for the best work done.
  • Prompt and Reliable Service throughout the town with no chance of error using the best material to create a key.
  • Customized Solutions with options to provide commercial key replacement of any design, pattern or shape you want.
  • High-Quality Products and Materials to keep your business protected from thieves, burglars and the so-called bad guys.
  • Emergency Assistance 24/7 so that you can access the building, house, or locker as if you lost the key.
  • Competitive pricing with affordability in mind ensures that you only pay for the service you used.

What We Offer

Commercial Locksmith Services

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Business and Commercial Locksmith - Installation, Repair and Replacement Services

  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Lock Repair & Service
  • Door Closer Repair & Install
  • Access Control
  • Keypad & Proximity
  • Electrified Hardware
  • Software Based Systems
  • Tiered Master Key Systems
  • Keypad Stand Alone System
  • High Security & Restricted Keys

Business and Commercial Safe Sales and Installation Services

Protect your valuables against fire, natural disaster, and theft.

  • Safe Sales, Delivery, Installation
  • Safe Combo Change
  • Home Security Safes
  • Gun Safe Delivery, Installation
  • Deadbolts and master keys
  • Automatic doors and
  • Electronic access

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